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Accounting assistance

 - REVIS Tax consulting services

Setting up or upgrading an accounting system

A service provided to newly established companies, or organizations lacking an efficient system for administration of accounting documents and reporting of the processed results which strive to handle any potential issues in advance. With an appropriate and correctly established accounting system, the client’s executives can actively use the accounting information for their management activities.

Continuous double-entry bookkeeping

Bookkeeping can be carried out externally at our company seat or at the client’s premises. Bookkeeping also includes preparation of VAT returns and basic counselling services.
Clients using our services (compared to in-house bookkeeping) can significantly reduce their administration costs, have a guarantee of professional and correct bookkeeping (legal guarantee) and prevent delays in bookkeeping due to illness, holiday, lack of knowledge or skills, or employee turnover.

Accounting supervision in your company, on-line consultations

A service offered to clients which do not have an in house accounting department but want to maintain control over the results processed by an economic expert. The service consists in regular accounting supervision at the client’s premises; on line consultations can be also provided, based on the actual needs of the client’s staff or management. As a result, accounting activities are coordinated and serious mistakes and errors in the client’s accounting are eliminated.

Accounting review for past taxation periods

Accounting review for past taxation periods, including preparation of supplementary tax returns or adjustments thereto, is important for increased transparency of the company’s property relationships and financing. It is essential for determination of correct values at the beginning of the standard taxation periods and sound company growth in the years to come. True and correct accounting records are also a prerequisite for informed decision making of the company management.

On-line accounting

Using a secured access to the accounting system, a client can submit primary accounting documents, create payment orders, communicate electronically with its bank and download bank statements. An advantage of the system is the possibility of active work or on line monitoring of accounts receivable and payable, cash, orders and accounting balance.

Tax/income record keeping

Tax/income record bookkeeping is offered to individuals. It can be performed as a one off service before submission of a tax return, or as a periodic service every month or quarter.