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Audit and consultancy

 - REVIS Tax consulting services


We conduct statutory audits, consolidated data audits and due diligence on the basis of client requirements.


Establishment and registration of new companies

This service includes consultancy on the most appropriate business form in regard to the client’s business plan, establishment of a new company (complete representation is also available) and registration of a newly established company with the appropriate institutions. Establishment and registration services for new companies include complete legal services.


Economic analyses of companies

Through an economic analysis of a company, we are able to impartially assess the economic situation of a client or entity designated by a client, and/or physically verify selected reported accounting data. The assessment report may include recommendations for improving the economic situation of the assessed entity.


Preparation of applications for loans, leasing and insurance

This service includes activities leading to obtainment of a loan or conclusion of a leasing contract or insurance policy for the client. In the initial phase we begin with an overall assessment of the client’s business plan and recommend an appropriate loan provider. This is followed by processing the client’s business plan and other materials in tables according to the loan provider’s requirements, and representation of the client or participation in meetings with the loan provider.