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Tax consultancy

 - REVIS Tax consulting services

Our business is diversified and comprises a wide range of services related to administrative and accounting advice and assistance:

Vat Registration in Italy
If your company is based in one of the EU countries, you may need to ask for ‘VAT identification’ in Italy to run your business within the Italian territory. For example:
1. to sale goods in Italy to end-consumers;
2. to make distance sellings in Italy;
3. to deduct the Vat paid on Italian purchases of goods and services related to sales made in Italy (for example, sales of goods including assembly or installation in Italy);
4. to transfer goods from your own country to Italy (for example to deposit them in a warehouse owned by a third party);
5. to organize fairs, conventions or conferences in Italy;
We can take care of your VAT registration, your VAT statements and all other relevant requirements established by Italian laws. 

Assistance for business deals with foreign states
- Drawing-up and Submission of Intrastat Statements
- Import – Export advice.

Tax return preparation

Our team of experienced tax advisors prepares returns for corporate or individual income tax, vehicle excise duty and property tax. The service includes monitoring and verification of the accuracy of documents used to calculate tax returns.

Statements on tax issues

We provide statements on specific tax issues on the basis of clients’ requirements.